7 Luminary Diamond Pendant



在遠古的時候,人們發現大部分星星在星空中的相對位置是恆定不變的,而有5顆亮星卻在眾星之間不斷地移動。當時人們不清楚這五顆亮星與太陽或地球距離的遠近,就針對觀察到星星的亮度,將'動' 的星星稱為'行星','不動'的星星稱為'恆星',並把地上的五原素'金、木、水、火、土'配上星空的五顆行星來各自順序命名,正所謂'天有五星,地有五行'。繼而,人們更認爲日月是陰陽之源;金、木、水、火、土五行是萬物之本,故把日月和五顆行星合稱起來,即為'七曜'(曜,有光芒,照耀之意)。


* 鑽石
* 18K 白金

7 Luminary Pendant

People had been observing the night skies since time immemorial, and the ancients were well aware that most of the stars were in a fixed position relative to each other. However, there were five bright "stars" that appeared to be in continuous motion relative to the rest of the stars. People of that time did not know their relative positions to the Earth and the Sun, and thus ranked the stars according to their perceived brightness. The "moving" stars were named as "Planets" while the "static" stars were named simply as "Stars". On top of that, they named the five planets in accordance with the 5 elements on Earth (Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, corresponding to Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn), thus giving rise to the saying "There are 5 elements in the sky, and 5 elements on Earth. People also believed that the day and the night were the source of the Yin and Yang energy. Hence, the Yin-Yang together with the 5 elements formed the "7 luminaries" (luminary: a body or object that gives out light).

VISIBER 7 Luminary Pendant is named with the 7 luminaries in mind, as we strongly believe that the celestial changes must have related implications here on Earth, and it will determine the fates of kings, nations, and people. This is the reason why all the empires through the ages had always placed special emphasis on reading the heavens, and the Chinese had a long held tradition of a yearly prayer to the heavens.

The 7 Luminary Pendant is based on a central diamond framed in a glittering round case. This signifies stable love life, robust career, a fulfilling and dazzling life. On top of that, the 6 digits on the pendant will be specially selected based on your date of birth, and they are used to signify Heaven, Earth and Man (In Chinese culture, these three elements will determine the success of an undertaking). These design elements in general mean bringing good fortune and a fulfilling life. To further strengthen the effect, the inverted V on the frame is included to collect the lucky energy in the universe so as to improve luck, help you in your career, and to achieve a smooth-sailing life.

18K白金 + 高級美鑽 + 透明琺瑯

金色,紅色, 藍色, 綠色, 黃色

18K White Gold + Diamond + Transparent Enamel

Enamel Colour:
Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow