28 9Q Compact Pewter Frame




錫框的概念設定是依據年飛星,也就是宇宙九大行星的運行 ,再配合環境條件所需,進行錫框上的數字排位 。而28精緻九宮錫框的研發概念,主要是針對"二黑"不良磁場,改善相關環境問題。所謂"二黑"在環境學中代表著疾病 、 傷痛的環境氣場,在家宅中不利於住戶的身體狀況。

在精緻28九宮錫框中,代表"二黑"的數字2錫盤,置於宮中的正中央,然後以八個數字 8錫盤圍繞在其餘八個方位。錫框的佈局,是以每個方位的數字8相加中心的數 字 2,成為'八方合十'的局勢,象徵鎖定並化解不良氣場,達致圓滿平衡的生活環境。


28 9Q Compact Pewter Frame

The 28 9Q Compact Pewter Frame bears the promise of peace and health. It is a blessing that bestows domestic auspiciousness.

The concept of the pewter frame series follows yearly review of the trajectory of the nine planets, which was then improvised according to the needs of the environment, resulting in the unique arrangement of the numbers.

The 28 9Q Compact Pewter Frame in particularly, was conceived to counter the negative energy of the '2 black illness', thus improving the condition of its surroundings. The so-called '2 black illness' represents the energy fields associated with disease and physical harm. They are highly detrimental to the residents of a domicile setting.

Within the 28 9Q Compact Pewter Frame, the number 2 tin plate that represents the 'twin black spots' is being placed in the centre of the nine quadrants, surrounded by eight number 8 tin plates. Such an arrangement enables a formation that numerically rounds up to ten in every direction. As the number 10 in Chinese means perfectness and order, the formation symbolizes the neutralization of bad energy and the achievement of balance and completeness in the living environment.

By correct positioning of the 28 9Q Compact Pewter Frame, the energy field of an environment could be drastically improved.