3168 Compact Pewter Frame (International Version)


3168 精緻錫框

數字168代表名與利,數字3則為天時、地利、人和,合稱為"天地人"。置放 "3168精緻錫框"于大門,將有助於強化家居内外局磁場,提升財富、功名的磁場能量,快速啓動(3)財富的正面能量,讓您順暢無阻地邁向成功之路,加速成功的腳步。


3168 Pewter Frame

The number combination 1-6-8 signifies fame and profit, while the numeral 3 denotes time, place, and people, also known as 'Heaven, Earth, and Man'. Placing the 3168 Compact Pewter Frame at the main entrance of your home will help strengthen the magnetic field of both the interior and exterior setting of your residence, which will in turn strengthen the magnetic energy of wealth and fame.

It proactively activates the positive energy of wealth, giving you an unobstructed path to success within a shorter period. Continuing the design concept of the Compact Pewter Frame series, the 3168 Compact Pewter Frame also features the pure gold flower stalk motif and the round-shaped design. It is cased in tempered glass to showcase a touch of contemporary elegance.