New Moon Pendant


New Moon Pendant



New Moon Pendant
Like a reflection of crystal clear water, the New Moon shines clearly into one's heart.
The New Moon refers to the first lunar phase as the Moon orbits around the Earth, and is characterized by its slender crescent that shines shyly. As the month progresses, the crescent grow bigger and finally, the full moon occurs on the 15th day of a lunar calendar. By then, the Moon basks the Earth in its cool glow. The increase in lit portion of the moon has traditionally been regarded as a symbol of abundance and signifies wish fulfillment.
57 draws inspiration from the Sun and the Moon to develop the New Moon Pendant that creates perfect harmony of the Yin and Yang, which then leads to rebirth.
Numbers are akin to keys to help you unleash the energy to initiate change in yourself.
There are energies associated with each number. In physics, energies are indirectly observable. E=mc2 was derived by Albert Einstein within the framework of General Relativity, and gives the equivalence relationship between energy and mass. E = Energy; m = Mass; c = Light. Everything in the universe can be expressed as a function of energy, and all events in the universe work through processes of energy transformation.
Within the New Moon Pendant lies the energy of rebirth.