The Symbol of Life Pendant


The Symbol of Life Pendant



'生命之源'數墜是以VISIBER品牌標誌作為設計概念,而VISIBER標誌是一個嬰孩誕生的圖案符號,它代表著人生的開點, 生命的起源。圓形的標誌鑲滿了高級美鑽,它象徵著完美與完整,寓意人生的圓滿。同時,在吊墜側面也以琺瑯上色,依據五行學說繪上金, 藍, 綠, 紅, 黃五色,盡顯傳統手工藝與文化的魅力。此外,兩側分別有57及96的數字設計,是極具代表性的數字組合,代表著掌握高尚豐富的人脈網絡與創造機會的智慧及能力。
通過獨一無二的數字智慧,人們能夠進一步了解並發揮個人所長,共同創造美好的社會環境。因此,在吊墜背後則採用了1至9的數字符號設計,拼湊成完整的圓形。九個數字分別為代表'領導'的數字1, 代表'溝通'的數字2, 代表'行動'的數字3, 代表'策劃'的數字4, 代表'方向'的數字5, 代表'智慧'的數字6, 代表'人緣'的數字7, 代表'責任'的數字8,以及代表'機會'的數字9。在我們日常生活中,這九個數字所象徵的意義,都是我們邁向成功的關鍵。

The Symbol of Life

A Beautiful Life Based on Life's Wonders

The beginning of life

Ever since its incorporation, VISIBER has led many people to explore the wonders of life and empower them through jewellery and fashion. With an insightful knowledge of numbers, their embedded meanings and significance, one is given the chance to better experience the wonderful and eventful passage of life. As such, life is seen as a miniature universe which carries profound mysteries and infinite potential.

"The Symbol of Life" borrows the concept of the VISIBER logo, whose symbol represents the birth of a baby. It marks the beginning of life. The round logo is studded with premier diamonds to signify perfection and completeness, with the intention to render the connotation of a life's ultimate perfection. Meanwhile, the rim of the pendant is painted with enamel in either gold, blue, green, red or yellow, to represent a corresponding element in the 'Theory of the 5 Elements'. It is truly an awesome display of traditional craftsmanship and cultural charm. On the other hand, flanking the pendant are signature number groups "57" and "96". They signify the mastery of a strong human network of the rich and famous, as well as the wisdom and capability in creating opportunities.

Numbers and life

VISIBER's unique insight into numbers has allowed us to understand our own strengths and apply them advantageously in an effort to build a better social environment. At the back of the pendant lies the design of numerals 1-9 which are lined into a circle. Each has a representation with number 1 indicating leadership, 2 indicating communication, 3 indicating action, 4 indication planning, 5 indicating direction, 6 indicating wisdom, 7 indicating relationship, 8 indicating responsibility and 9 indicating opportunity. In our daily life, each of these nine digits bears a certain value that will lead us to success.

A brand of success and a promising future

The Symbol of Life hosts not only VISIBER's wisdom, philosophy and trendiness, it too displays the company's vision for the future. After years of effort and research, our jewellery collection has evolved into valuable numeral collectibles, promising high value for collectors. The launch of The Symbol of Life not only celebrates a remarkable milestone for the company, it is also a way which the company uses to express its gratitude to and reward its loyal supporters. May all the "V-Warriors" share the company's vision in creating a future that is full of success and happiness.

18K白金 + 高級美鑽 + 透明琺瑯

金色,紅色, 藍色, 綠色, 黃色

18K White Gold + Diamond + Transparent Enamel

Enamel Colour:
Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow