Jewel of Universe





接著,爲什麽整個墜框的形狀是橢圓形,而非圓形、四方形、或長方形呢?原來,這9大行星都是以橢圓形的軌道圍繞著太陽運轉,所以爲了把整個神秘而美麗的'太陽系' 理念體現得淋漓盡致,設計師們也把'九星環墜'的墜框設計成橢圓形。


Jewel of Universe

Quality jewelleries to women are like luxury cars to men. Flawless diamonds, brilliant white gold, mysterious numbers, oval pendant frame, rare cold enamelling techniques ... a perfect combination to craft out the rarest and the most elegant piece of jewellery.

The Jewel of Universe is a unique work of art inspired by the solar system and the science of numbers. In order to showcase the brilliance of the diamonds, the designers pay much attention to the types of exquisite and suitable cuts in the diamonds to enhance the fire in the stones. The masters are determined to bring out the brilliance, fire and scintillation of the diamonds to create a perfect and unforgettable piece of jewellery.

However, the diamonds are not the only centerpieces in this pendant. Also of significance are the randomly arranged numerals set within the jewellery. These randomly arranged numerals represent the nine planets orbiting the sun, starting form Mercury, which is the closest to the Sun, followed by Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Numerals 5, 7 and 9, 6 are mounted with high quality diamonds, while the other five numerals are painted in cold enamel colours using the rare cold enamelling technique. The design showcases the unique beauty and vibrancy of the diamonds as well as the beautiful hue achieved with the cold enamelling method.

The next question worth pondering is why choose an oval pendant frame instead of the more conventional circle, square or rectangle? The reason is that the planets orbit the sun in elliptical paths. The designers choose to design the pendant in an oval frame to mirror the orbital paths of the planets and thus to fully manifest the mysterious beauty of the solar system.

Be it a grand ballroom function or a romantic candlelit dinner, wearing the Jewel of Universe will definitely bring out the elegance and contemporary beauty in every woman as well as reflect the exquisite taste of its wearer.