Classic 165 Pewter Frame






Classic 165 Pewter Frame

A good living environment is the key to human success. Having a good household environment brings the promise of career eminence and a cosy life. Classic 165 Pewter Frame is designed from the combination of numbers methodology and the creativity of the numeric culture, with the purpose of creating a unique yet comfortable living environment. The Classic 165 Pewter Frame was invented with the aim of not just garnishing the kitchen, but also improving its spatial magnetic field.

The kitchen holds a crucial status within a family as it is the place where food is prepared. As we all know, healthy food intake is vital for human well being. Since health is always treated as human's greatest wealth, the kitchen also symbolises the guardian of our wealth. The Trinity 165 Compact Pewter Frame (Enamel) of VISIBER acts as the best instrument to empower your kitchen. Besides improving its magnetic field to favour the coming of peace and prosperity, it also helps to increase the chances of pregnancy of the female residents of the house. The Classic 165 Pewter Frame helps to enhance the fire element of your kitchen, and in the meantime effectively neutralises the potential negative impact brought about by a clash of the water and fire elements in your house.