147 Luck Coincidence Pewter Frame












147 Luck Coincidence Pewter Frame

Even if they remain undiscovered, there are still many hidden beauties in life. The 147 Luck Coincidence Pewter Frame helps you rediscover those hidden beauties.

As they say, the sun arrives only after the storm. Everyone wants a good life but a beautiful future is often only within the reach of those who have experienced life's many obstacles. Indeed, the beauties in life is the sunshine that graces us after our darker episodes.

Be it experiences of success or failure, good fortune or bad luck, these are all circumstances of life. Granted, different people may be greeted with different circumstances and these circumstances will affect our life, thwart our growth, and impact the people around us. But circumstances are not determinants of our fate. Instead, we can learn from them and use those critical junctures to establish important connections. Through exercises of acceptance and discovery, we learn to decide the best for our own lives.

The Number 147 helps to tackle the unforeseen circumstances in life by attracting wisdom and valuable networks. It accompanies you as you search for happiness and beauty, ensuring that such fated goodness will return to you.

This is how the 147 Luck Coincidence Pewter Frame works: underneath each number, there is a pair of fish representing both yin and yang, which churns the members energy into life. When you are at the low points of your life, such energy will facilitate serendipitous encounters that offer twists and opportunities, helping you to see through your problems and rediscover the beauty in life that you have always been yearning for.

To help secure your fate, try pairing the 147 Luck Coincidence Pewter Frame with the Desiree Pendant.

What we mean by fate is that, whenever you envision a change in your life, there will be someone willing to guide and follow you through such change with affection. These fateful encounters can come in many forms and can be related to networks, wealth, romance, offspring, family, colleagues, and our careers. The most important thing is, they make sure that you won't need to face your problems alone.

Not only will the 147 Pewter Frame help secure vital relationships in the outside world, the sight of it at home will also help to calm your mind. By framing all the goodness in our lives in the comfort of our homes, it allows us to appreciate all that we cherish.

After all, all the good things in life will only follow an appreciative heart.